Powerful Being

We, Ti0 and Ruta, are thrilled to extend an invitation to you for a unique opportunity — a group membership that enables constant expansion and transformation

You will experience a curated space that is safe & powerful: infused with care, compassion, and love, unified with courage, strength, and wisdom.

You will be enabled to break through and reach the next level of your innate Genius through profound healing, immediate growth, and aligned transformation.

You will receive all the tools, skills, and guidance you need to level up your success in all aspects of life: career, relationships, spirituality, and anything else you wish to bring.

This is a Full Spectrum Experience

No need to believe anything — come and experience this for yourself

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First of all, what is Genius?

Genius is your full self coming together to create a life fueled by inspiration, unifying apparent opposites such as wisdom and faith, hope and ingenuity, love and power.

Genius is discovering and honoring every gift you have with love and power. Whether or not you realize it, many parts of you have been silenced and cancelled by family, culture, and life circumstances.

Genius is realizing that the journey is endless. While you may have activated some of these parts, there is always another level awaiting you. 

Your next level of Genius can be activated not by doing more, rather by doing different. And life can be more magnificent than you dare to imagine.

Learn to create from a place of constantly growing power to materialize your infinite potential.

We, Ti0 and Ruta, have taken opportunities life has given us to embody many levels of our Genius. As we continue growing and embodying deeper levels, we are also creating and leading from a space where our mind, heart, body, and soul integrate to inspire and guide you to do the same.

It is our absolute honor and pleasure to go with you on the journey through the many levels of Genius that are waiting to be activated within you.

Are We Speaking To You?

How do you know if this is for you?

Genius is usually associated with a person, someone who has already broken through and done great things. That narrative is incomplete. Genius is within each of us. It is a state waiting to be activated. Your unique Genius is not about comparing yourself to others. It’s about honoring your gifts, even if you have come to believe you are “nothing special”. 

Genius is not about being special, it is simply living your fullest life, whatever that may be. So, yes, we are speaking to You. Exactly You.

Not the voice of doubt in your head. We are speaking to the one who secretly desires the greatest adventure you could possibly live. An adventure of everyday life, where your relationships, your career, and your inner world become more exciting than jumping off a plane or diving into the ocean.

Become The One Who Creates
What You Truly Desire

5 Powerful Opportunities You Will Receive


Become the Creator: of Your Life, Your Self, Your Being.


Follow Your Bliss: switch from mere existence of obligation and compulsion to an abundant life of passion, inspiration, excitement, joy, and a peace of mind. 


Heal Problem-Thinking: learn to transform obstacles and problems into learning and growth opportunities to unlock your next level of Genius.


Unmask: you will be seen beyond the masks you wear, the lies you tell yourself and others, giving you the golden opportunity to claim and experience your real power and beauty with pride, respect, and unconditional love. 


Learn: new levels require new skills and tools. You will receive powerful tools and mindset tricks tailored specifically for you, which will make you exceptionally skillful at navigating challenges at your next level of Genius.

What To Expect

A group coaching setting with Ti0 and Ruta co-leading live sessions every month.

Here is what you can expect in our groups:

Personalized Attention

We work with individuals on specific challenges and opportunities without giving general guidance, but rather fully unpacking each unique case. We go to the depths where everyone in the group can find common ground. This is why a single coaching experience for an individual teaches the entire group.

Compassionate Encouragement

Watch your walls fall as you learn to trust, surrender and deliberately create your next level success in a caring, safe, protected space with highly experienced facilitators who will encourage you to use your innate power and confront the reasons holding you back.


Powerful Mirrors

Learn from each other’s experiences, patterns, stories, fears and insecurities. This is the most powerful aspect of group coaching and healing as each member reveals aspects that are hidden within all of us and are waiting to be surfaced.


Deep Connections

Going through such an insightful, intimate, and vulnerable experience together fosters a deep and meaningful connection. Regular trusted members are invited to a private community where you can connect with others.

Vulnerability is the gateway to the next level of Power.
At Every Level.

No matter how much you have already achieved in life, going to the next level is always a challenging and vulnerable experience. The next level doesn’t demand more – it asks you to be different. What you don’t dare to face continues to have power over you. Through coaching, you will discover aspects you didn’t even realize you’ve been avoiding and escaping, and get the tools, guidance, and encouragement to face them relentlessly.

8 Areas In Which You Will Grow

Group coaching creates space for us to grow in many areas at once as each member brings a different dimension. We create a full spectrum experience helping you connect these different aspects so you will grow as a complete human being.

Here are some key areas in which you will experience growth:

  1. Impact: do less, work better, achieve more
  2. Time: slow down, say no, create time for what truly matters
  3. Relationships: end drama, cultivate harmony and love
  4. Energy: become intentional, abundant, and supercharged
  5. Joy: overflow with inspiration and unconditional positivity
  6. Confidence: arise deep within with conviction and trust in yourself
  7. Power: become centered, calm, and assertive
  8. Discipline: commit to self-compassion and self-acceptance

When, Where & How To Join?

Session Details

Day: First Saturday of every month
Time:  2 PM Local Time | 5 pm UTC
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Online via Zoom 

Upcoming Sessions:

  • 2nd September, 2023
  • 7th October, 2023
  • 4th November, 2023
  • 2nd December, 2023
  • 6th January, 2023

Subscription Details

Your subscription includes access to monthly live group calls, with recordings available afterwards. 

You will also receive additional video trainings and exclusive material through the subscription. 

All subscription options begin with a complimentary trial session for you to get a taste and test our alignment, which is why we do not offer refunds.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

200% Commitment

We are 100% committed to showing up with our full energy and dedication. In return, we ask that you commit with the same 100% dedication. This level of commitment from every participant helps create a potent environment for growth, healing, and transformation.

Activate your
next level of Genius


$ 120 Every Month
  • Cancel Any Time


$ 600 Every 6 Months
  • Cancel Any Time


$ 2000 Every 12 Months
  • Cancel Any Time

Wait a second. Is this a mistake? Why does the Fly plan cost more?
supposed to get a discount for a longer subscription!

We are offering you something much more powerful than a discount when you subscribe for the Fly plan: a private session where Ruta and Ti0 will coach you together, a unique invaluable opportunity available only to those who are ready to Fly.

What will you experience in this private session?
During this 2 hour experience you will explore and discover your next level of Genius. We will co-create an action plan for the powerful vision that emerges from the session and you will receive all the tools and guidance you need to materialize this vision as we continue guiding you in the group throughout the year.

We have limited spots for the Fly plan. Subscribe below before they fill up. 

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Note: you will only be charged after the first month in every plan

Your Trusted Guides On This Journey



Your go-to for creating a powerful life curated with genius and intention, led by intuition, fueled by inspiration, and filled with unconventional adventures.

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Your go-to guide for building fantastic relationships with yourself and others paving the path for an exciting, purposeful, fulfilled and harmonious life.

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Breakthroughs & Insights Others Have Experienced

“Life-changing is simply an understatement to describe these sessions.”

~ Fortune 500 CEO &

Mother of 20000 + 2

“I came in extremely skeptical claiming this won’t work for me. I was proven SO WRONG! I gladly signed up again excited for the next breakthrough.”
~ C-Suite Executive
from the Movie Industry

“The relationship with my parents has completely healed and transformed. I now seize every moment of life with full engagement, and I’ve broken free from the rigid boxes of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

~ Web Developer & Organic Farmer

Win-Win-Win! You Are Helping Us & The Planet

We are excited to share we have designed this as a Win-Win-Win experience!
By participating in this group you are supporting the development of Brainforest — a rainforest preservation and restoration initiative integrated with an experiential retreat center for self & spiritual mastery.

Learn more about The Brainforest.

Ponder over this...

Accordion Content

Wait what? Aren’t we supposed to have the answers for all your questions?
Yes, that’s what we are “supposed to” have, but what we have is even more interesting. We question the habitual answers you have in your mind. Those assumptions you take for granted as knowledge. Our questions will help you find your real answers instead of those you have accepted and internalized from others. And when it comes to your questions, we will help you find answers for those too.

No. Because what you really want is invaluable and priceless.
And you could never afford it.
Stop thinking in terms of affordability. Start thinking in terms of worth and value.
If it is worthy, if it is valuable — if you truly value it — you will find a way to get it.
We are here to help you discover what is most valuable to you and how you can get it.
Now ponder what that is worth…

Because the real question is: can I afford not to do this?

Show up. Commit. Be coachable.

What does it mean to be coachable? Put yourself in learning mode. We all have a tendency to think we know all that we need to know. Let that go. Know that you don’t know and there is a lot to learn. And watch how you grow into someone that surprises yourself.

It is easy to be excited at the beginning of something. Commitment is about showing up when that initial burst is gone. It is remembering the original intention for signing up and showing up over and over again. It is valuing yourself enough to follow through on your intention to heal and grow.

We have over 13 years of combined experience guiding the softest, shyest, and most reserved people open up and blossom to their powerful, bold, and confident selves. This is the best space for you to come into the fullness of your being.

We will gently guide you to learn to be in such spaces, whether it’s your first or 100th time being vulnerable in a group.

If you are used to being the tough one, never showing vulnerability, you need this more than you realize. Having a space where you can feel safe to open up is the best gift you will receive this year.

Yes, you are paying to be part of the group, whatever your level of participation. And No, not everyone will be coached personally in each session. That said, regular participation will create more opportunities for direct coaching.

Group coaching is a very powerful experience where we teach and guide the entire group as one unit. Being in this energy and space itself is profoundly transformational.

You get to receive a tremendous amount of insights from every single person. While focusing on a single person we uncover the patterns that are present in each of us, this way we all get to learn, heal, and grow together. 

In each session, we will invite group members to step into the hot seat to be coached. While we can’t guarantee that you will be selected, we strongly encourage you to raise your hand whenever you feel inspired. 

A lot of healing takes place for each person even when you are not being coached directly. Come, try it out and you will see for yourself.

It is quite common for someone in the group to trigger you, and the facilitators may trigger you too. Feeling “not-chosen”, “rejected”, “ignored”, and other strong emotions can get stirred up by the group dynamics.

This is completely normal. The trick is realizing that it’s not really the person triggering us, we have something within that needs to be healed. As experienced coaches we are highly skilled at helping people heal these feelings when they come up while feeling safe and fully accepted. 

This is one of the most powerful and beautiful parts of working in a group as it helps the group bond at a much deeper level and creates a higher level of trust between everyone when we see that we are accepted unconditionally and these projections are never personal.

We will be recording the calls and the recordings will be made available privately to subscribers only. This allows you to review the content for deeper insights and also enables you to watch a session you might miss. If you have any concerns about the recording, we encourage you to talk to us or send us a private message below.

Busy is not an excuse. There is no vacation from self development.

We are providing session recordings and each session is filled with potent learnings and insights. It is crucial to watch the recordings and keep practicing the teachings, especially in busy periods when you may easily slip into your old patterns.

This is why we do not allow pausing your subscription.
You are in a 200% commitment. Show up fully, online and offline.

No. Please read the section above titled Subscription Details and The 200% Commitment. 

Continue exploring and connect with us

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