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Rarely does one understand that which creates reality. Your mind interprets through its biases and assumptions, always missing the invisible force which is staring you in the face.

Some think power is the way of the world,
others believe it is love.

Some think science and reason are the way,
others believe it is faith and prayer.

Some think it is logic,
others believe it is magic.

Do you see where this is going?
In between thought and belief.
It’s not this or that.
It’s this and that.
The invisible force — The Third Force.

It’s the union of perceived opposites.
It’s the collapsing of the paradox.
It’s where linear meets quantum.
It’s where logic meets magic.
It’s where thought meets belief.

The Third Force is the “harmonizing” force.
This is the force materializing reality between the primary and secondary forces.
The positive and negative forces.
The forces of good and evil.
The masculine and the feminine.
The human and the divine.

When we embody The Third Force, we see and appreciate the beauty and power of “both” sides. We also have acceptance and understanding of the “other” side. We are no longer separate from it.


This manifesto was channeled by Ti0 in December 2023.
It is a living creation that is updated as The Infinite Zero entity evolves.

The name for this manifesto came right after it was channeled, where Ti0 expressed “A dynamite has gone off…” to his then partner, implying that “something powerful of immense significance has been born”. The term dynamite was repeated three times in different contexts. This was not a term nor were these expressions I ever used. That’s when it became clear that there is a greater significance to the term “Dynamite”.

On researching the spiritual significance of the term Dynamite (who would even think there is a spiritual significance to such a term?!), interestingly a few blog posts came up talking about the origin of the term. Dynamite originates from “Dynamis“, an ancient greek term meaning “The Powerful One”.

Interestingly, the term Dynamis also appears in the bible, representing the power of the Holy Spirit: “In Acts 1:8, Jesus told His disciples that before they would be able to evangelize the world, they must receive the dynamis of the Holy Spirit.”

That’s when it struck me — the content I had channeled were codes for people to live from Trinity consciousness, hereby also referred to as Superconsciousness.

You may not believe that I have been a hardcore anti-religious and anti-spiritual person for most of my life. Still today I call myself a spiritual master. I do not subscribe to dogma and belief. Yet, my experience informs me that the Spirit, which I see as the animating principle of the universe, is a tangible force which is also the source of power in the universe.

This manifesto describes how one can work with this power in the most effective way, enabling you to enjoy the delights of the material world while fulfilling a greater divine purpose with your life. You can also explore the opportunities I offer to put these teachings into action.

Before you go further, prepare.

If you are not in the right space, time, or frame of mind, bookmark this page and come back to it.

You, your life, and everything you believe is about to change.
These are pure codes of power.
Value them as such. Honor them as such.

Treat this as the most important thing you have ever come across.

They way you value something is the value you derive and gain from it.

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If you allow yourself to receive the powerful activations contained in this manifesto, everything will change in ways you cannot imagine.

Give yourself this gift. Clear all distractions. Empty your mind.
Create the space to receive everything Life and the Spirit has in store for you with this experience.

Us AND Them

Today we see the world beautifully polarized into opposing forces, dual “opposites”.

When our minds see this split as ugly, it’s a reflection of our consciousness.
This is a denial of our own ugliness and unworthiness.

And in denial, we point fingers at others.
We blame the government and social media.
We blame AI and algorithms.
We blame “them” for all the problems in the world.

The world has always, and will always, be a reflection of the collective consciousness of humanity.
Your perception of the world is always a reflection of you.

Because the government is made up of people. AI, algorithms, and social media are made by people and all they do is reflect humanity. You can try and tweak and force the algorithms to do something different, but it is not the algorithms forcing us to think, feel, and act in certain ways. They just amplify and spotlight the reality of who we are truly.

The governments and institutions are not made of corrupt and evil people, they just bring out that aspect which is present in every human. This is why everyone who enters the system wanting to change it, believing they are better, will be better, and will do better, ends up becoming a part of the system. And in that system, they are playing the role that needs to be played.

When you are on the “other” side, you see the world differently. What you thought was wrong now has a purpose. The only issue is, now you are on the other side. It is not about being on one side or another, nor is it about not taking sides. Your goal is to be on both sides.

Each individual wakes up from the collective delusion of the opposing forces of duality at some point to realize that nothing changes in the world. The world has always and will always be a union of opposing forces. There are those who are here to play one side, and those who are here to play the other. One will call themselves good and will believe the other to be evil.

This manifesto is about The Third Force, also known as the harmonizing force, which materializes the reality between opposing forces. It brings neither peace nor destruction, it brings neither good nor evil. It is that which unifies and harmonizes opposites.

Understanding The Third Force is important for those who want to become creators of reality and shape the world. This manifesto gives a theoretical understanding. Our trainings go further to create an experiential understanding to put the teachings into the act of creating reality and shaping the world.

Superconsciousness & The Quing

Activating All Intelligences

In the union of the conscious and the unconscious mind arises The Third Force, also called The Superconscious Mind. Through a perfect balance of forces, it is our ultimate power which creates our reality and shapes the world to our intention through inspired action.

The embodiment of this force happens through an inner union of opposing and conflicting forces. It is that which brings order to our inner world which we call The Quing.

The Quing lives in the perfect balance of active doing and passive receiving.

The Quing has unified their whole being. Equally masculine and feminine. All intelligences activated and functioning in unison — the mind, body, heart, and soul, all working as one. The Quing emerges from this convergence of intelligences — a super-intelligence or a Superconscious being.

This is The Third Force in action.
Through it you, as the Quing, consciously direct creation and simultaneously allow it to effortlessly manifest through you into reality.

There is plenty of research today about the creative power of the irrational unconscious mind. This is the quantum mind or the magical mind which practically creates our reality. When left to its own accord, when it acts upon unconscious beliefs and directives, it creates a reality which is “against us”.

The Quing harmonizes the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious to become the director of creating a reality that is in your favor.

In this reality the universe is no longer against you, it is for you, in your favor. Once you have created a personally favorable reality, you can now extend your scope to shape the world into harmony using the same principles of inner harmonization applied at a larger scale.

This is where multiple Quings co-create a harmonious reality using The Superconscious Mind which now becomes a union of all Quings.

When our intelligences are out of balance, when one is not functioning at its full potential, others step in to compensate, decreasing their own power in their rightful function.

If any one is repressed or unhealthy, another is forced to step in to compensate. When one has to compensate for another, they are unable to perform their rightful function at full capacity, bringing down the total capacity of the system. This can be seen in any organization where one person or unit is malfunctioning causing a ripple effect on the whole system. The same applies to our intelligences. 

These malfunctions take place throughout your life, allowing some intelligences to grow more than others. We come to depend on those intelligences which are functioning best and double down on them, adding more pressure for them to perform. Only to reach a point where this part can take no more and it collapses, bringing the whole system down completely. Full system collapse = You collapse.

The Quing arises when you have restored each intelligence to its optimal functioning state so the others no longer need to compensate. Your body, mind, heart, and soul can each perform their function and thrive in their own space. When each is functioning optimally, they also communicate optimally and work in perfect harmony, contributing to the inner union and the arising of The Quing and The Superconscious mind.

The Third Force is present only in the union. It awakens your full potential when multiple forces meet equally. This is where you find complete peace, harmony, power, and beauty. Nothing is to the exclusion of another. This is the state of Absolute consciousness where everything functions together. Even what we in lower states of consciousness believe to be good and evil are equal in this state.

Our light and dark is fully present and awake in The Quing. Only, it is no longer “light” and “dark”, it is no longer “good” and “evil”. There is no longer a polarized judgment about anything. Each aspect has its function and there is a full acceptance and realization of the power of each aspect. You bring out the healthy manifestation of each aspect when you own your complete power.

It is when we are disconnected from this state that we bring darker manifestations of power, only because we are attempting to compensate for that which is not functioning in a healthy way, and we don’t know how to use our power in a healthy way to balance and harmonize that which is in disharmony.

You can be as powerful and mighty as a god AND be as gentle and loving as the divine goddess. It is in this state that you Flow AND Glow. In this state you can direct the flow with your will. You can gloriously summon the forces required to bring into creation that which your soul is destined to manifest.

Superconscious Qualities Of The Quing

Adult Maturity

Believe it or not, we will start with something as simple and mundane as being a mature adult.

The reason to include this is the undeniable fact that we choose to keep denying:

Most grown-ups, including ourselves, are immature children pretending to be adults.

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People well into their 20s, 30s, 40s, and even 50s and 60s tend to be deeply immature. Sure, age brings about wisdom and maturity to many and the immaturity curve keeps dropping, yet, many older people can also be surprisingly immature in several contexts.

The primary reason is that our culture doesn’t have any initiations or trainings to help us mature from childhood into adulthood. We are just expected to learn and pick it up along the way, while managing to survive the constant onslaught of challenges life sends our way.

There are several psychology, self-help, philosophy, and spiritual books that talk about the issue of the scarcity of mature adults in the world. All we really have are some unconscious narratives about what it means to be an adult, further broken down into being an adult man and an adult woman. But these narratives are severely underdeveloped, have evolved from a deeply toxic history of humanity, and are rarely updated explicitly.

Furthermore, we are expected to figure out how to fit this narrative, often going against our innate essence and natural way of being, to conform to values and ideals that represent “successful” men and women from history.

That’s really what adulthood is for most people: interpreting and deducing the values, ideals, behaviors, and traits of men and women who have been celebrated and idolized by culture throughout history, as well as personal role models for each individual. Once these traits have been deduced, we then begin to copy and embody them to try and become like these epitomized figures.

Once we realize that we don’t really understand what adulthood is all about, that’s when we can begin to consciously choose the ideals and values that we wish to live by.

Becoming a mature adult can be seen as the process of individuating by consciously choosing your personality and purpose instead of blindly conforming to the values and ideals given to you by the world.

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It comes down to deciding whether you are here just to live a default life or are you alive to have a meaningful impact on the world? If it is the latter, it is important not only to choose your purpose and impact in the world, it is also imperative to choose who you wish to be.

The qualities described below are some of those that can represent a mature adult, although this deserves a much deeper exploration by each individual, ideally with the guidance of other mature adults who have gone through this process themselves. With that, a quick note on mentorship:

You don’t need to do this alone. One of the toxic qualities that have been reinforced through culture is absolute self-reliance and independence. We are here to co-create and collaborate, learning from others and leading others. Allow yourself to receive the beautiful gift of community, being supported and guided by others, while contributing yourself.

Find your community, where it feels effortless and beautiful to exchange support.

Calm Authority​

Authority that is conditional upon anything external to you is always shaky and uncertain. If your authority depends on your position, your knowledge, or an external power factor, someone can always come along who is higher and better. This is where authority turns into authoritarianism which is rooted in insecurity and results in abusing power.

Calm Authority is rooted in knowing yourself at your core. Knowing who you are, knowing your power, and most importantly, knowing your role in the world, what you are here to do — this is an unshakable foundation. Because you are irreplaceable. Your position, your role, and you change over your life. Staying connected to yourself through the changes while staying rooted in your power maintains a state of Calm Authority.

Let’s do an exercise… Take a moment to pause and clear your mind. Connect with your body.
Feel within yourself, deep down, you know who you are, you know your full potential. Connect with the inner authority of yourself. You know who you are meant to be.
When you are at that place, there is no resistance, there is no opposition, you are in complete power, you are in your full authority. There is a deep calm in this place.

At this level, anyone who questions or opposes your authority is obviously blind and disconnected from their own knowingness. There is no need to prove yourself, there is no need for anyone to validate you. You are in the deep knowing of yourself and your role in the world. You know what you are here to do.

In this deep knowing, you also see others, their position, and their role. This is where you become a true leader who has sight — insight, foresight, vision. Through knowing and seeing yourself with total clarity, you see others and the world with total clarity.

Your authority creates a deep assurance within, which radiates outward as charisma, magnetism, and confidence. Your authority has a self-organizing aura which others naturally recognize deep within and automatically come into alignment with themselves. Your authority radiates clarity to others who begin to naturally understand their own role within this organization.

As you can see, the more you deepen into your authority, the larger your field of presence grows. You have the potential to grow your authority infinitely until eventually you become one with the universe. This is where the masculine meets the feminine to bend reality to the divine will which is in alignment with your will. In your alignment and union within, your desires unify with the highest order of the universe making you a channel for real-izing the superconscious on earth.

Who wouldn’t want such authority?


“I want to be a millionaire.”
“I want to be a billionaire.”
“I want to change 1000s and millions of lives.”
“I want to change the world.”

Until you understand why you want something, getting it will never actually satisfy you. When you understand why you want it, you realize what you desire is entirely different from what you want. When you fulfill your desire, your wants have no ceiling. You become one with infinity. This is where you come into the Xillionaire frequency.

People with fixed aspirations fail to understand the energetics of economics. Someone with a true deep understanding of energetics understands that the construct of economics keeps shifting and evolving. You will be eternally chasing a moving goal if your aspiration is based on the current state of the construct, because the construct is constantly changing.

Because of this ever-changing target..
You will always feel you don’t have enough.

The one who has enough can have everything.
The one who doesn’t have enough will never have enough.

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This is the shift from needing and wanting consciousness to having consciousness.
The one who makes this shift can grow without any limit.
There is no ceiling that can contain you because you have already become infinite.

You go from wanting millions and billions to having Xillions.
Because you are no longer counting the tangible. You know that the intangible is truly infinite in value. And you begin to harness the intangible to create infinitely glorious results. This is where you become The Alchemist holding The Philosophers Stone. You know you can turn anything to gold.

This is where you become intentional and decide what it is you wish to turn to gold.
There are infinite ways to manifest the infinite.
How do you wish to manifest the intangible?
One can easily get lost in the infinite potential of the unmanifested reality.
This is where The Quing brings in the masculine to create a container for the feminine.
The masculine cuts through the infinite tapestry of the feminine with precision, akin to Michelangelo carving David from the rock — power and beauty are the signature of The Quing.

Conformist Contrarian

Navigating The Unknowable.

Too many creators have an over reliance on certainty. They want to factor in every possible element that could disrupt their plans so that they can “stick to the plan”. Yet, reality inevitably presents The Black Swan. Certainty can only lead to the creation of what we believe to be possible, it is always within the limits of our imagination.

A creator led by curiosity and the unknown has the potential to manifest something greater than their own imagination — something that comes from The Unknowable.

The unknown is just the limit of our knowledge. The Unknowable is that which we can never fathom, never know — and this is where the greatest creators channel their creations. They may start out with a vision of what they want to create, yet they have the flexibility and dynamism to allow that vision to keep evolving and growing.

This is where trust and faith come into the picture. A taboo topic in the realm of business today. Mostly because of the current definitions of faith which completely surrenders power to that which is beyond.

The Quing goes Beyond The Beyond.

In true contrarian fashion, one must defy the norms of the non-conformists to realize that it is not in rebellion that we find our true power, it is in constantly breaking the self-imposed prisons that we can remain free creators

When in our limited consciousness, we constantly keep trapping ourselves in our limitations. The Quing has evolved beyond this consciousness. And it has evolved beyond the rebels who are limited to opposing limitations and restrictions.

This contrarian doesn’t conform to societal norms, restrictions, and limitations. It doesn’t conform to the rebels and new-agers.

You conform to reality. And in return, reality conforms to you.

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Because you are no longer separate from reality. You Are Reality.
You are a contrarian to all ideas about reality, but never reality itself.
You constantly flow through all the traps that attempt to hold you.
You become change itself, the portal through which the universe transforms itself.

Sustainable Creator

All creation happens through you. You are the container for reality.
The paradox of self and other dissolves when you understand the interrelation and connection between all things. When you understand the flow of energy in the world and the universe, all your creations happen in harmony.

This is not just an idea or checklist about sustainability.
It is definitely not a fight for climate change.

Sustainable creation begins with you first and foremost.

The one who has all their intelligences balanced — remember that?
Sustainability is understood within your own system which then ripples out at a larger scale. The more you harmonize the infinite interconnections within your own system, the easier it is to harmonize your outer life and the world.

Sustainability is inseparable from harmony. This insight arises from the understanding that creation is transformation. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It flows from one state to another. It flows from one system to another. It flows from one universe to another. There is no shortage. There is no scarcity. There is, quite literally, infinite energy.

It expands, it contracts, in infinite ebbs and flows.
Infinite cycles within cycles.

Our collective scarcity mindset has led us to create in unsustainable ways. This scarcity mindset comes from being disconnected. It is when we are in The Quing we realize how easy it is to sustainably create everything we need and everything we desire.

Desire is sacred.

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Life is a canvas for experiencing your desires.
You are meant to manifest, create, and experience what you desire.
When your full system is in tune and you are in tune with the world, your desires are aligned with whatever is harmonious to materialize at the moment.

What happens in most cases is that we lose contact with the source of creation.
When this happens, you go out of tune.
Greed, scarcity, and worldly desires replace and repress your authenticity, putting you out of harmony, leading to unsustainable creations which inevitably implode, sucking you into the black hole your creation has become.

Your creation becomes a black hole,
draining you instead of energizing you,
leaving you empty instead of fulfilling you.

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If your business, your work, your relationships, and every aspect of your life is not fulfilling you, it is because you are out of tune. You may have started with a noble aligned intention, at some point you deviated and went off track. It’s ok. It happens to nearly everyone.

The time to get back on track is Now.
Don’t wait for a perfect moment.
Don’t wait to meet that empty target.

Don’t wait to hit rock bottom before you bounce back.

It is so tempting to keep going. As I explained in the Xillionaire section, you are chasing a moving target. You will never find what you truly desire out there. You can recalibrate into Having consciousness and then find fulfillment in every creation, no matter how small or large. In this consciousness you naturally create in harmony with the world.

You and everything you create is from inspiration. You create in spirit. Everything that comes into contact with such a creation is energized. The spirit of creation is flowing through every interaction. This is sustainable creation, where the energy keeps flowing through.

And then when the time comes, it fades into oblivion. Death comes naturally and graciously. It is not an implosion caused by disharmony. The natural flow of life is a white hole from which reality is emerging and flowing into the void, recycled and emerging elsewhere.

All inputs are honored. Yes, energy is transforming, meaning something is “dying” or “destroyed” for the creation to emerge. We are not in denial of the circle of life and creation. We honor creation. We are precise with creation. We are inspired to create that which is in tune. It is not wanton destruction and creation for the sake of it. There is deep intention and inspiration flowing in every creation.


Justice is harmony.

We arrive at the Harmonizer, the neutralizing principle of The Quing.
In the transcendent state of absolute consciousness, the home base of The Quing, where there is no contradiction, there is neither good nor evil, there are no sides, we come to understand Justice in an entirely different way.

Justice is a restoration of harmony.

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We go out of the mindset of fairness, guilt, and shame.
We go out of the paradigm of right and wrong, good and evil.
These are the systems which trap us and lock us into maintaining the status quo.
These systems stagnate evolution and creation, attempting to maintain order rather than promoting harmonious growth.
In attempting to establish fairness based on unfair ideas and principles, the world drowns.

The Harmonizer sees the imbalance between opposing forces and restores harmony by balancing all forces.

This is the practical and grounded approach to justice and harmony in an eternally polarized world. Eternally polarized.

The fantasy of everyone being on the same side collapses. So does the illusion of separation between sides.

This illusion collapses within us first. The idea of the mind, body, heart, and soul being separate from each other collapses. The illusion of consciousness being anything other than that which arises from a union of matter and spirit collapses.

This is The Third Force. The Harmonizer. The Neutralizer. The Union. The Creator and The Destroyer.

It is in this realization that we activate our full power and embody the highest qualities of authority, joy, bliss, love, compassion, peace.

Grounded Mystic

Power and Beauty.

True spirituality is not the rejection of worldliness.
Renunciation is the trap of the “spiritual” community.

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This archaic idea of renunciation comes from saints and mystics who, once again, went too far into one pole of spirit and forgot the beauty of the world of matter. The Buddhas who saw through the impermanence of form and clung to the permanence of emptiness.

These mystics with noble intentions wanted to help rid the world of suffering and pain, “helping” people transcend desire to experience bliss and freedom from the trappings of worldliness.

This view of spirituality has poisoned the world for centuries to the detriment of the “normal” human who has the capacity for the true embodiment of balance between spirit and matter. Spirituality has nothing to do with rituals and beliefs. It is the real experience of spirit.

For those who have not experienced can only believe.

Skepticism and denial is also based in the domain belief — disbelief. It is a rebellion, and as explained before, rebellion is not a grounded view. It is not based in reality. It is a dismissal of an illusion without finding ground in reality.

Saying it is not so, doesn’t say what is so.

The experience of spirit is available for all.
All who are ready to be real.
All who are ready to experience the fullness of humanity and divinity — to experience infinity.

Spirit doesn’t take you out of humanity into the divine.
The experience enables you to bring the divine to the human experience.
It makes the human experience itself divine.

In this centered state of the Grounded Mystic, you experience vision, clarity, and objectivity.
Your vision is no longer clouded with material illusions.
And your clarity empowers you to bring the divine reality into matter to experience the joy of worldliness at a level beyond any state which is only either spiritual or material.

In the wholeness of the union,
in the complete embodiment of The Third Force,
you experience the full beauty and power of life.


You are invited to experience the Superconscious and embody your Quing.

This is an invitation to a unique experience.
It is neither only coaching nor therapy. It is neither only healing nor spiritual teaching.
You get what you need within the process and more.

On top of that you receive the one thing you have not yet found.
The one thing you have been seeking all this time.
The missing piece of the puzzle.
The part your mind can’t wrap around.
The part that traps your mind.
And you break free…

You activate the extent of power to which you are ready to stretch.

You catapult way beyond your imagination.

You go at speeds considered impossible.

You commit with your entire being and your entire being is transported to the level you commit.

Ready to impact xillions?
Ready to shape the world?
Ready to stretch yourself to infinity?

Explore the various opportunities to live by this manifesto and become a Quing.

Pass this along — a simple act can ripple in unimaginable ways.

Dynamite — The Third Force: The Infinite Zero Manifesto