A World Beyond COVID-19

We are going to paint a picture of two worlds to begin.

The first is the world we are experiencing — there has been a corona virus outbreak which has turned into a pandemic. There is paranoia worldwide and many people are living in a state of anxiety and fear, not knowing what comes next — or worse, imagining the worst of what comes next and acting in bizarre ways.

Hypothetically, there is a whole parallel world where COVID-19 or corona virus is an unheard phenomenon. But in this hypothetical world, you are who you used to be prior to the pandemic. Living in the state of mind you had and imagining that life will continue to be the same and go along the trajectory you had imagined.

Here’s the twist, in the present reality, you have come across this post and now you will be presented with an option that can lead to a fundamental transformation in your worldview. But this does not happen in the hypothetical reality. In that reality, your life just continues its regular trajectory.

The question is, which option do you choose:
A: a world where COVID-19 exists, you have the chance to know yourself and grow and learn to shift realities, with the chance that you may die of this virus, or you may not.

B: go back to life the way it used to be and live in a world where life will end in another way, but you never get a chance to know yourself deeper than the level you have reached. And there is still a possibility of something like the corona virus pandemic.

Here is what we did not mention about reality B, which is also true for A. Underneath the surface, you have stored and suppressed a massive amount of life experiences, emotions, desires, and thoughts. And this content has been governing your life without your knowledge.

Unconscious Manifestation

One way of looking at things is that all this unconscious content has tipped the scale to the point that you as an individual, and we as a collective have reached a point where many people don’t want to live any longer. When you no longer want to be here, but don’t have the active conscious courage to face that reality, your unconscious will help you to manifest your deeper unaddressed desires. These will manifest in the form of cancer, aids, heart disease. But when people still try to rationalize and fight back with their minds, and create ways to superficially patch the problem, and there is enough of a collective desire to leave, we can manifest something like a pandemic. And it will get those who have decided to leave.

This is a bleak outlook, but possibly very real. But here is another possibility. Maybe we manifested COVID-19 as a gateway to deeper knowledge of the self and beyond. As a gateway to a reality where we can be stronger than fear and mass paranoia. And the only way to get there was to confront this externally, because we have become too numb to see our inner selves voluntarily.

If your will to survive is greater than your unconscious desire to leave, then you have nothing to fear. The thing is knowing yourself well enough, deep enough, to be sure that you want to live more than you want to die. Our unconscious is vast and complex. No matter how much we think we know ourselves, there can be massive parts of us that we are disconnected from.

This is also true for the opposite. Many times people consciously think they no longer want to live, and they will even attempt to take their lives, and find that they are unsuccessful even after attempts that would have otherwise killed multiple people. In such cases, the people are disconnected from their will to live. But disconnection does not mean it is not living within you. It simply means you are not consciously aware of it.

It is frightening to consider the possibility of our unconscious creating something so destructive, and it may lead to denial without conscious consideration. Although, this idea can be simultaneously empowering if we realize the power of being in harmony with our unconscious. When we have worked through our fears, shame, guilt, sadness, and the traumas which we have been escaping that secretly make us want to quit this game called life — when we have gone past that, we can bridge our connection with this creative power and manifest a whole different world.

The strange part is that reality B coexists with reality A. Not only as a parallel physical world, but also, within our own physical world, there are multiple coexisting realities or dimensions. There are people right now who are not sucked into the fear of COVID-19. There are people who are just going about their everyday lives as though nothing is happening. And if you don’t believe that, maybe you need to peek outside of the information sources you have been tuning into. This post being one of them. You don’t have to believe this. But if you do, you may find an opportunity to break out of the things that have been bothering you so deeply.


Hope is something most people don’t actually know. For most people, hope is confused and distorted with wishful desire. “I hope you are ok” or “I hope you get better soon” is a statement in which most people really want to say, “I wish I hadn’t heard this and felt so uncomfortable”.

Genuine, authentic, pure hope is simply the realization of possibility. This kind of hope gives strength and will to find the way out of a situation that earlier felt hopeless. But for most people, hope is simply dis-ease. A wanting of things to disappear without any effort. A way to escape into denial. The intention of this post is to transform fear into genuine hope. That no matter what situation we are facing, there is hope — there is a way out by working on ourselves and surrendering to the flow of life.

As usual, the world is reacting to the symptom without bothering to look for the real underlying causes that are beyond the physical and known psychological realms. The question is, are you ready to go beyond this world?

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