A perception-bending journey in consciousness

“The world beyond is this world, only perceived strangely” 
~ Carl DuPrel

Or, maybe…

“This world is the world beyond, only perceived strangely” 
~ P.D. Ouspensky

This booklet serves as an introduction to a series of upcoming booklets that may help you to transform your perception with regards to certain words and concepts that have unconsciously guided our lives in a certain direction.

Concepts and words such as Mistake, Failure, Money, Problem, Death – and just all “words” in general – have a very hypnotic hold over us. While these concepts are easy to understand, we question the basis of this understanding at a fundamental level. The moment we listen to words, we automatically and unconsciously associate a massive amount of content from our life in an attempt to understand what is being communicated.

This series is dedicated to provide alternative views about several concepts. If you choose, you may use these perspectives to transform your self and see how life and the world would look if we changed our perspective.

This introductory booklet will provide the context for the entire series. It is a prerequisite read, following which you will be able to read other books in the series in any order.

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A paraphrased excerpt from Carlos Castaneda’s first book:

“Don Juan assured me that it is an energetic fact, that the possibility of journeying to any of those worlds, or to all of them, is the heritage of every human being. He said that those worlds were there for the asking, as questions are somtimes begging to be asked, and all that a human being needed to reach them was to intend the movement of the assemblage point.”

~ Castaneda commentary on 30th anniversary of publishing Teachings of Don Juan.

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Book Preview

Below is a small excerpt from our booklet

So, how do we describe consciousness? 

Unlike traditional schools of thought, we describe consciousness as an experience – a multidimensional experience. 

Or, an experience that integrates a multitude of dimensions. 

Some of these dimensions include 

One of the key dimensions in the experience of consciousness is unconsciousness. 

Without the unconscious, there is no conscious.

Unconsciousness is not simply the unknown. 

It is the unknowable. 

It is the eternal mystery that is constantly changing and manifesting our experience of consciousness in incomprehensible ways. 

Accepting this part of consciousness is perhaps one of the toughest parts for most people simply because it implies that we do not have any control. This even goes beyond concepts such as god; because for most people, god is simply another control mechanism. 

Accepting the extent of unconsciousness means accepting everything – the role of chaos, the role of everything: we do not like, that makes us uncomfortable, that feels unpleasant – as being an equally important part of reality and our life experience as everything that we do choose to accept, enjoy, and embrace.


Now that we have a description of consciousness, we continue describing our journey. As we mentioned before, this series is charting a map in consciousness. A map that will 

use several dimensions of consciousness

to change several dimensions of consciousness

thus transforming the overall experience of consciousness This different experience is our destination – a world beyond.

Destination again is a misleading word, because for most people it implies finality. The end. We have arrived! Destination, in “our” world, the infinite zero world, is simply a pit-stop. A momentary experience. A place that can be revisited, but that may never be inhabited permanently. World is a word. 

We describe this word as: the experience of our current state of consciousness. As dimensions of our consciousness change, our world changes. This change goes beyond the internal state. This journey will transform your physical and external experience of life as much as your internal experience of consciousness.