The Path

A poem about the ineffable journey of Consciousness Development
The Path is neither straight nor twisted
Neither flat nor bumpy

It changes when you think you know it
It disappears when you think you found it

The path is not meant to be found or known
It is not meant to be shared or shown

It is both magical and mundane
Forever undefined and changing 

It is not meant to be walked upon
And yet you can never escape it

It simply carries us 
When we surrender 
To that which is beyond

~ The Faceless Beings

Saints, mystics, gurus, and pretenders across space and time have attempted to define the ineffable. The beauty of the visions painted in these mindscapes has attracted billions of people to explore their inner sanctum, yet most remain stuck forever attempting to grasp and claw at the words that create illusions.

The message in this poem is simple — stop using your mind and body to do things that are beyond their limits. End the suffering you create by frustrating yourself with grasping the ineffable. Simply surrender to it and enter the flow. Allow the path to carry you beyond the limits of your imagination.

Allow the ineffable to grasp you,
to hold you, to take you beyond.

All your might and smarts will only produce endless suffering when you apply it in vain to matters of the beyond. Open yourself to the mystery and allow magic to transform your being.

This doesn’t mean we stop thinking and doing what we need to do in our everyday lives. We have to simply learn to use our faculties when appropriate. One of the important teachings of The Fourth Way say that one of the reasons we stay stuck in our lives is that we misuse our minds, hearts, and bodies in incorrect and inappropriate ways.

Often we will act instead of feeling, or think instead of doing, or feel instead of thinking. And all too often the mind and body interfere in aspects that are meant for your Consciousness and your Being. Tuning and training each part to fulfil its own responsibilities leads to a deeper harmony in our inner and outer worlds. This is one aspect of our teaching in our Consciousness Development training with methods such as Empowering Yourself & Others, Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, Consciousness Nomadism, and The Yoga Beyond.

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