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Project Summary & Manifesto

This manifesto has been written with deep intention so you can feel the energy of this project. We invite you to connect with yourself as you read and experience this at a level beyond your mind. This is the most direct way to know your connection with us.

Brainforest integrates the preservation and restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest with an experiential retreat for self & spiritual mastery.

There are many benefits you receive of practicing self & spiritual mastery in the rainforest:

  • An ideal setting for connecting with oneself, especially for people living in cities and urban areas who are disconnected from the effects of being deeply embedded in rich natural settings.
  • An exotic immersion experience that exposes you to a new culture and different way of life.
  • The part of the Atlantic rainforest chosen for this project also borders the Atlantic ocean with pristine beaches and landscapes that melt the mind and heart.

Consequently, having these experiences in such a profound setting inspires a much richer experiential understanding about the importance of the rainforest and preserving nature, thus encouraging more effective action in protecting and restoring larger parts of the jungle.

Another important part of the Brainforest project is creating an interconnected community of exceptional beings. Why exceptional? That is what it takes to make a real difference, which is my intention with this project. I am and will be working only with people who are ready for, want to, can, and will affect real change. This project is a platform for exceptional beings to come together and create waves that ripple through generations to come.

On this page you will learn more about the project, including the intentions, the different sub-projects, the current state, ways to participate and support, as well as information about me and the team developing this project.

What are we creating?

The Brainforest Foundation

Brainforest, apart from being associated with the rainforest, also indicates the rich interconnection of minds within and amongst humans.

The logo indicates the union of the triune brain:
green indicating the heart brain and emotional center,
purple indicating the head brain and intellectual center,
red indicating the body brain and physical center.

Brainforest also refers to the interconnectedness of minds, the brain / mind forest created when humans come together and form a network similar to the mycelium network connecting the trees in the jungle.

Is this unique?

We intentionally avoid comparing with others, giving market and competitor analysis, and claiming to be better or more special for your attention and funding. There is nothing extra special about this space. There are many people doing similar things. Each claims to be special, each claims to be unique, each claims to have something no one else has. We claim none of that (that’s perhaps something different from others (and here we go again, trying to be special)). 

There are (too) many rainforest conservation projects, there are (too) many schools of spirituality and consciousness, there are (too) many intentional communities in the world. There are (too) many people branding themselves “uniquely”. We are done playing the game of convincing others of our value. We are not here to convince you of anything and we are not here to manipulate you into putting money into or buying something you don’t really want. Either you get it or you don’t. Either you feel it or you don’t.

What we are creating is unique, because everything anyone creates is unique in its own way, primarily because of the people involved. If you feel a resonance for any reason — the words, the people, the energy, the spaces, the experiences, whatever it is, just follow that and participate. What is unique is our experience and our life story, just like everyone else. The energy and perspective we bring is unique, just like everyone else.


If you feel this is not for you, then there is something out there which is, follow your intuition / instinct / heart and find it, we wish you the best on your journey. If you feel attuned to participate with us in any way, we welcome you and celebrate your collaboration with all our heart and soul, and look forward to working with you.

The Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic Rainforest sprawled over the east coast of Brazil and was the second largest rainforest in the world after the Amazon. Rapid and massive deforestation over the last few decades has erased over 85% of the original rainforest. That is the official number, while unofficially there are claims that over 93% of the rainforest has been destroyed already. What was once a massive thriving lung of the Earth, is now reduced to a fraction of its original size.

A primary priority of the Brainforest project is the preservation and restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest. In 2021, Ti0 personally invested over $110K USD to purchase a 9 acre slice of paradise in the Atlantic Rainforest near the town of Itacare in Bahia, Brasil.

This 9-acre property is named “Sítio IO”. Sítio is the Portuguese word for “space” or “place”, and IO refers to the Infinite Zero. “IO” also happily coincides with the name of the new city in the latest “Matrix: Resurrections” movie — in the movie IO is an evolution from Zion where they went from survival mode to regeneration and harmony.

Another intention of this project is to create greater awareness of the situation in the Atlantic rainforest and encourage investors to participate in preserving the vastness that still remains and restoring areas that have been decimated.

Beginning with Sítio IO, my personal efforts are geared towards preserving and restoring native plants and trees that serve as habitats for the native birds and animals of this region. As funds continue to be generated, the project will expand through the procurement of neighboring properties to protect, preserve, and restore more areas that are currently endangered.

Why Itacare and the Atlantic Rainforest?

There are numerous reasons for picking this seemingly random place:

  • Sitio IO is located about 20 minutes driving from the town of Itacare and an hour driving from the nearest airport.
  • We are also a 5 minute drive from some of the best beaches of Brasil, where the rainforest kisses the ocean with white-sand lips.
  • This area has all the wonders for profoundly transformational experiences in conjunction with the Self & Spiritual Mastery guidance offered at our school of consciousness.

We are artfully shaping nature to enable a deeper magical experience with some modern comforts. Ti0’s experience living in the rainforest for over 8 years, training and facilitating retreats at the leading ayahuasca retreat center in the world, and guiding over a 1000 of people through deeply transformational experiences, has given hum plenty of skills and experience in the art of creating magic in nature with modern conveniences and comfort, and enhancing the beauty of the magnificent rainforest with delicate touches.

We are curate powerful settings where people can let go their incessant craving for certainty and control, and allow the magic of mystery to open their minds and hearts to the wonders of nature, consciousness, and the universe.

The Experiential School

You don't need to believe

The Infinite Zero is an Experiential School of Consciousness Development for Self & Spiritual Mastery.

Contrary to the way most schools and communities work, we are not bound by a common set of beliefs or doctrines.

You don’t need to believe for things to happen. That is the magic of the work we do here. Whatever will be will be. Even if you don’t believe it. We are cultivating a space where reality happens through flowing intentionally and harmoniously.

  • This is a space where we can learn to be human after living a life disconnected from our humanity. 
  • This is a space where we can learn to reparent ourselves with new ways of being after a lifetime of being unconsciously conditioned by family and culture. 
  • This is a space where we can meet our deepest needs and satisfy our deepest desires to feel whole and fulfilled once again. 
  • This is a space where we can embrace and understand the diversity, complexity, and simplicity, of life, humanity, and the universe.

We are creating various experiences and retreats for people to foster a deeper connection with themselves, others, and nature, to broaden their perception, and enrich their Consciousness.

Projects & Fund Distribution

Here I am outlining the general overview of the project, subprojects, and other ways in which funds will be distributed. You can also view the detailed list of projects linked below.

1/ Preservation, Restoration, Procurement

As mentioned above, I invested approximately $113,000 USD to procure the 9-acre property named Sítio IO, and I have since invested some more funds in the preservation and upkeep of the property. This property is owned and operated under the Brazilian entity named “O Infinito Zero”.

Property prices vary greatly in the area depending on the availability of natural sources of water, electricity, existing constructions, the landscape, level of deforestation and space for future construction, and some other factors. As funds are raised, part will be dedicated to the restoration of the existing property, and part will also be committed to the procurement of more properties that are connected to the existing site and are under risk of deforestation.

Sítio IO is delimited by a lovely natural stream that is constantly replenished with fresh rainwater. The property had 4 existing constructions, one of which was a run-down but complete house, as well as 3 other incomplete small houses. There are also beautiful spaces for constructing more bungalows, areas for restoring the rainforest, beautiful views, as well as paths to walk through the jungle.

2/ Construction, Development, Maintenance

Part of existing and future funds will be dedicated to refurbishing and completing the construction of the houses on the property, and also towards the development of 3 new bungalows to host guests and participants for retreats and experiences.

I will also be developing structures to host group experiences and a dining area for group meals. Funds will also be used for the maintenance of the property and for developing beautiful gardens, protected communal experience areas by the river and in the jungle, maintaining existing and creating new pathways to walk through the jungle.

3/ Self-sustainability & Infrastructure

Living in the abundant rainforest gives us the opportunity to create a self-sustainable project. The property already has a stream and several fresh-water springs that provide crystal clear pure drinking water. Further eco-engineering will include building a solar farm to meet our energy needs and using permaculture to build organic gardens for fresh produce. 

4/ The Team

We use part of the funds to feed and fuel the team which includes our 3 furry colleagues — Pico, Chini, and Duque. The funds are also used to support volunteers and staff that will be joining the project as we grow. Learn more about the current Core team below.

The Core Team

Click on any of the photos to read more about us


Organizational Structure

We currently operate through three for-profit organizations:

The Infinite Zero LLC” and “Comads LLC” are for-profit companies registered in Wyoming, USA. “O Infinite Zero Ltda” is a for-profit single-member LLC registered in Bahia, Brasil. We have also setting up the Brainforest Foundation which will become the non-profit organization supporting this project.

Invest in Yourself

The people who choose us as their Trusted Guides, Coaches, and Mentors are investing in themselves and consequently investing in the Brainforest as the funds invested in your personal development with us are directed towards the foundation.

Experiences for Corporates & Organizations

We are also offering group trainings and experiences with corporate teams that enable enriching and deepening the connection between team members. These experiences help teams to become more intimate and vulnerable with each other, thus forging deeper bonds which enables richer cooperation and productivity.

Corporations and organizations are also invited to sponsor our project through collaborations and partnerships. These collaborations are designed to be more than mutually beneficial, they also have ripple effects that benefit everyone. Connect with us to explore and create a bespoke integration that enriches everyone in myriad ways. 

Personal Investments & Contributions

We have already invested over $113,000 USD in this project and committed another $15,000 USD for the development of short-term projects. We have also received over $25,000 USD in gifts and donations from family, friends and supporters that are committed to materialize the vision. We continue to generate and invest funds on a regular basis towards the realization of this project.

Current Progress & Ways to Contribute

This project has already received over $153,000 USD from investments made by us and contributions from family, friends, and supporters. There are several drivers committed to mat-e-real-izing this vision — we are working together to make it “real”, bringing the vision into the physical world. We enthusiastically invite you to contribute & collaborate.

Here are several ways for you to get involved:

  1. Become a regular supporter by making monthly monetary contributions towards our projects. 
  2. Make a one-time monetary contribution towards our projects.
  3. Invest in your personal healing and growth by hiring me and my team as your trusted guide.
  4. Write to us if you would like to volunteer or join the team.

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Gift Yourself With Insight & Empowerment

Rather than give you a “free gift for signing up”, such as a pointless 10-point ebook full of drivel, or a podcast episode that is already freely available, we prefer to encourage you to gift yourself with something of real value. 

Our content and courses are packed with insight, tools, and guidance to help you explore the depths of Reality and evolve through the endless levels of Consciousness. This may seem like a tall promise — rather than believe us, come try it out for yourself. And if you are disappointed, we will help you transform that too…

An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure