The Brainforest

Community & Playground for Passionate & Inspired Creators to Put Superconsciousness in Action

Bring the miracles of nature
and the nature of miracles
to every aspect of life.

Infuse your being with Superconsciousness by entering an energetic field of pure passion and inspiration based in the Atlantic rainforest of Brasil.

green trees beside body of water during daytime

Breaking the mold of saving the planet, saving the rainforest, and such beliefs which keep us plugged into the survivor mindset, we choose to do things differently.

Infusing our being and our life with the highest frequencies, preserving and restoring the Atlantic rainforest in Brasil happens naturally in a state of play, fun, adventure, and joy — a state of divine harmony.

We keep the cycle of life and nature going, seeing everything as a divine play, in full acceptance of the nature of reality.

Our Space

We are located near the coastal town of Itacare in Bahia, just minutes away from beautiful beaches where the rainforest kisses the ocean with white-sand lips.