A Trusted Guide by your side: what it means and takes to become one

Having a Trusted Guide by your side can have a profound impact on your life. Learn about the qualities that inspire deep trust and how it feels having this in your life.

Some people call me a coach and a teacher..
Some people call me a therapist and a healer..
I cannot identify as either of those labels because what I do with my clients and students goes beyond either of those individually and combined. So I created the role of a “Trusted Guide”. In this role I enable profound shifts in Life, Self, Being & Beyond.

What is a Trusted Guide?

First and foremost, like every other label, it is made up to mean whatever I want it to mean and whatever you choose to understand by it. I share from my experience why I chose this label to represent my work. As mentioned above, other labels have too many preconceived notions and associations which fail to cover the breadth and depth of my work.

Creating this label I get to explain why clients and students trust me to journey into the unknown within and beyond themselves, going to levels and places well outside the scope of their imagination.

Let’s begin by exploring the qualities that make someone a trusted guide.

Qualities of a Trusted Guide

A Trusted Guide is not someone who demands or requests trust, they inspire trust. It is someone who:

  • Teaches only what they have been able to put into experience.
  • Coaches while acknowledging the current level and future potential, challenging and compassionate simultaneously.
  • Makes you question your trust in them, regularly.
  • Challenges and breaks blind acceptance and belief.
  • Breaks idolization by sharing their own imperfections and limitations.
  • Loves the unlovable, acts as a source of unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Can speak with such integrity and honesty that it hurts, and yet it feels good — I’ve been called the scalpel and the cotton: I cut through the layers of masks and illusions with extreme precision AND simultaneously wipe the blood that drips from the incision with extreme care and love.

My gift is to see You beyond all the layers of “you”. And communicate that with deep clarity and compassion. While doing this I also help you to shed the layers that inhibit You from shining fully, expressing and embodying your limitless potential.

Working with a Trusted Guide

What does it mean to have a Trusted Guide by your side?

Even though I don’t demand trust and keep questioning when people trust me, I happen to inspire an implicit trust in my clients. People spontaneously open up about their deepest fears, regrets, guilt, shame, and bare their soul naked, sometimes even on the first ever call we have.

What inspires such trust? It is my Being. Through my experience I have developed and shaped my Being to radiate a sense of unconditional acceptance and love. Even if you may never have seen me before, and may not register it consciously, your Being knows it feels completely safe in my presence. You know you are with someone who will be able to guide you out of the deepest of voids of pain, suffering, and misery.

You know you are with someone who can help you see beyond your imagination and embody the level for which you are truly ready, even when your insecurities make you doubt your real capability. You know you can trust this person to call you out on your illusions and help you materialize your delusions.

How does a Trusted Guide help people?

There are myriad ways in which I help people, primarily by addressing their deepest needs and desires. Those of which even they have no awareness. I do this by helping people to surface emotions which were suppressed under the common label of “pain” and “unbearable”, and help them flow through these feelings with relative ease. Once unblocked, the deeper needs and desires begin to surface and are finally addressed creating a deep feeling of fulfillment and contentment.

I help people cultivate healthy doubt and skepticism and move from blind devotion to deep trust in themselves. Devotion can be beautiful when you have your eyes wide open and don’t put anyone, including yourself, on a pedestal. It is a pure emotion in which you are inspired to dedicate your effort towards something beautiful and helpful. As long as we keep our doubt and skepticism alive to balance out the blindness that devotion can create.

And most importantly, I teach people to live in a liminal state of consciousness — the space in between all illusions and belief systems. I don’t ask people to believe anything, neither me nor what others are selling. There is no need to convince someone when they can have a direct experiential understanding. This is what people trust the most.

Being in the middle is one of the most trying challenges when living in a deeply polarized world that constantly attempts to throw us off balance. Finding and maintaining that balance is not just a skill, I teach people to make it a playful art that can become the joy of life itself.

What do my clients and students work on?

I help people with a broad spectrum of general topics which are then tailored to their individual needs. I have helped people to shift from:

  • A Mind-led Existence to A Heart-fuelled Life.
  • Perfectionism to Self-love, Joy, & Acceptance.
  • Discipline to Inspiration.
  • Compulsion to Passion.
  • Boredom, Procrastination, & Avoidance to Enthusiasm.​
  • Limited Unboundaried Empathy to Limitless Boundaried Compassion.
  • Overwhelm to Power.
  • Demanding respect with entitlement to Inspiring respect through self-recognition.

Ready to have a Trusted Guide by your side? Or even become one yourself?

We live in a world where real deep trust is the last thing people feel in any relationship. Human Shadow elements cause acts and perception of betrayal, deception, and other ways of deeply hurting people and breaking their trust. When these traumas repeat over time, we don’t just lose trust in the people we know, it chips away at our trust in humanity. It can be seen all around that people have become untrusting, and that is not only justified, it is inevitable when we live in such a world.

Recovering and rebuilding the trust in yourself is the first step to restoring your trust outside. Trust in others is not reserved only for perfect beings. Having a Trusted Guide who can show your their imperfections helps you understand that trust is not about people acting perfectly. Trust exists when people take ownership of their shadow and accept the imperfection of being human.

We fail to see the impact of having our trust shattered. The way we live, think, feel, act, and even breathe, changes completely when we have someone we can trust deeply. A Trusted Guide is an invaluable gift in a world where trust has become a myth. They transform your perception and being in inexplicable ways. Get in touch below to work with me or someone from my team.

Having me / my team as your Trusted Guide

I offer a wide range of options to train with me both online and in-person, including ways to learn for free. Along with playing the role of Trusted Guide for clients, I also train others who want to develop the skills and being to play this role themselves.

I have a limited number of spots each year for my premium 1+1 training where I combine regular online sessions complemented by in-person meetups every 3 to 6 months at an idyllic location in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brasil. I create personally tailored trainings for each client to work on the Full Spectrum of Healing and Growth.

Connect with me to learn why clients invest between $0 to $144,000 USD / year in their own development with me: Schedule a call or Send me a message.

I also offer individual and group online trainings and in-person experiences such as deep-dives and retreats: view the current offers.

Connect with me to learn more about training with me to become a Trusted Guide.

Finally, there is ample content in my blog and podcast. It would take several lifetimes to absorb and apply the teachings embedded in these posts and episodes. Take your time to read/watch each one and learn not only what is stated explicitly, feel and be present with yourself as you re-read / re-watch, and you will realize the depth of the teachings is unfathomable.

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Before you go, gift yourself with deeper insight, clarity, wisdom, power, & compassion. Explore our personalized trainings for Self Mastery and Spiritual Growth wherever you are on your journey.

I have worked with leaders,  parents, professionals, advanced practitioners, from all backgrounds and levels. And I am always excited to get to know and work with people who want to activate their next level of Inner Genius.

Working with us, you will experience breakthroughs and shifts in your self, your life, and your career that create greater levels of impact, for yourself and others. You will naturally increase your levels of peace, harmony, fulfilment, and self-love. You will learn to live, feel, and create at a new level.

Join us for a free session of Breakthrough to activate your next level of Inner Genius, or set up a free 20-minute Pick My Brain 🧠 session with me so we can explore the best way for you to move forward. I am glad to connect if only to point you in the best direction for your next phase.

With love, Ti0

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